Am I at risk for HIV?
Had sex and worried?
Is oral sex safe?
What if the condom broke?
Was that too risky?
What if my partner has HIV?
What if I have HIV?
Could I infect my partner?
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The App

Am I at risk?

Calculate the risk of getting HIV and other STD after sexual activities and other kind of exposures with a fast an easy test. Of course, the app is absolutely free.

What to do next?

Know what to do after your risk assessment and find out if you should get tested and where to do so.

Know More

Learn more about HIV and STD transmission and how to prevent infections from your preferred sexual activities.

Why use this app?

Fast and easy

The app was designed as a straightforward wizard that can be completed in few minutes leaving behind boring and extensive questionnaires and yet delivering the best scientific estimation of risk and counseling.

Personal and Confidential

The app interacts with you like a friendly health expert, offering a customized advisory in plain words. No matter your age, background or sexual preference, you’ll find an accurate and unbiased counseling in a confident, anonymous way.

Scientific and Reliable

The app is developer after the most current HIV+STD international guidelines and the most recent findings. Our project has been awarded and used by health institutions all around the world.

Get Tested

Where to get an HIV Test?



Other locations

We are working hard to enable HIV Test Locator on other regions and countries.

About Us

What is HIV Risk?

Who are we?

HIV Risk is an initiative that creates free tools for HIV prevention, self assessment and awareness. We work everyday to reach out more people and to develop innovative and useful tools to approach this knowledge and awareness about HIV and other STD.

Mission and Vision

We aim to provide universal access to HIV knowledge and prevention regardless of geographical and cultural barriers. We envision a world where accurate, unbiased and proficient HIV prevention and safe sex information is available for everyone.

Research and Open Data

Our tools and apps gather anonymous non-traceable data from questionnaires answered by users and distribution channels to conduct research in order to get insights about HIV epidemiology and risk perception around the globe. All this real-time data is freely available through API and databases for institutions and researchers upon request. Contact us for further information.


HIV Risk Calculator Media and Arts are open content and free to download for your prevention and educational projects.

Sexual Activities

Safe Sex


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